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My studio output focuses on drawing and printmaking, and since 2009, my interests within these fields of practice have migrated towards propaganda, printed ephemera, and advertising in the role of nation-building. I use printmaking, especially, in reaction to the legacies of political posters that have helped shape public opinion since before the First World War, and whose rhetoric continues influencing us today.

The fulcrum of this work is nostalgia, from which swing relationships between industry, agriculture, politics, and warfare, that have established white-male heteronormative ascendancy as an ontological norm in Western society. Where nostalgia traditionally busies itself with the preservation of this condition, however, I employ similar strategies to instead question these self-same national mythologies and the manner in which they insist upon the inevitable promise of North American greatness in its most generic and dangerously unexamined sense.

I am currently undertaking a significant expansion of this work, too, into the related spheres of mural and sign painting. My 800 square-foot painted mural in rural Nova Scotia, entitled Indeterminate Tillage, was curated as part of the 2016 Uncommon/Common Art public art initiative. The piece responded to the settler and agricultural-histories of the Gaspereau Valley, and relied on the once-commonplace practice of using agricultural outbuildings as a locus of public communication in the form of political and commercial advertisement. I will be continuing my mural work in the coming years, as a regular part of my creative practice.


Ericka Walker, 2016

Printmaking Today
Vol 21 No 2
Summer 2012

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